Training and Development

  • HuaBao International places high value in cultivating our employees. We focus on the growth and development of each staff, to achieve the vision of developing and growing with employee. We have established a complete training system and regulation, and diversify multi-level training to different level of employees. We expect that all employees could achieve their ideals with the platform provided by Huabao, and grow with the group.

  • Company provides complete orientation training to each new employee, publicizing enterprise culture, company ethic on honesty and moral values, and company regulation to help them to fit in Huabao quickly. New graduates will receive a special training which is not less than 6 month before they enter into the position.


  • Company will provide work methods and skills training to each staff on a regular basis to improve their professional ability.


  • The mid-top management (technical) staff training on a regular basis

  • Company has 2 years reserve personnel training program for every subsidiary and department. Company is capable to continuously train the talent management staff for the group.

  • A certain number of employees will be selected internal the company to be provided one year full-time training on flavor to cultivate excellent flavorists.