Tobacco Raw Materials & Ingredients

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Initiator and Leading Pioneer of China’s PM RTL Technology
Guangdong Golden Leaf Technology Development Co., Ltd. (GD GL), a subsidiary of Huabao International Holding Co., Ltd., has undertook several major national scientific research projects, and was the first one in China to start research on technology and equipment of PM Recon., successfully built the first small-scale pilot production line, first medium-scale pilot production line and first large-scale production line for PM recon. Rebuilt and upgraded recon tobacco production line of Guangdong Jinke Reconstituted Tobacco Leaves Co., Ltd., which was designed and constructed by the Group, was validated and accepted by the experts in tobacco industry, which becomes the first “internationally advanced” symbolized recon tobacco production line by paper making process, enabling a huge leap of China paper making recon tobacco to international advanced level. Besides, GD GL was also the first to develop dry processed RTL technology in the world, which has been certified as a scientific and technological achievement of the industry.
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New Cigarette Materials
R&D entities established in South Korea and China respectively for research and development of specialized new filter product and related manufacturing equipment, and the development of filter materials, plus filter manufacturing enterprises established in China, have formed the leading creative advantage of the Group in the function, ingenuity and originality of the filter sticks. Huabao provides tobacco industry with innovative solutions and product services in the development of special filter sticks, filter stick materials and filter stick equipment. The product of capsule used for filter, botanic fiber, botanic particles and core thread are highly recognized by the market.
Enterprises Owned By Huabao